Your view of politics in 2016

The biggest news stories of the year have been the election of Donald Trump as US president, Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, the Syrian army’s victory in Aleppo, and the continued attacks by Takfiri terrorists around the world.

As for the militant groups – most of which are aligned to al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, or the West – they’re firmly on the back foot now and are facing complete defeat. However, it’s hard to foresee their total annihilation as long as their foreign backers continue to supply them.

Throughout the year, the world was hit by Takfiri terrorist attacks, which killed hundreds if not thousands. Syria, Iraq, Turkey, France, and Belgium suffered the brunt of the attacks.In June, the UK voted to quit the European Union, stunning pollsters and political commentators and feeling a prime minister.

In November Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to the White House, upsetting the media, financial and political establishment.And in December the Syrian Arab Army, with the help of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, finally liberated Aleppo, perhaps irrevocably turning the tide of the Syrian war.

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