US-Saudi alliance threatening independent states: Analyst

Washington and Riyadh are hand in gloves to destroy independent countries by spreading sectarianism in the West Asia region, says a commentator.

The United States’ support for Saudi warmongering policy in the region comes from Washington’s policy to “destroy any independent state” trying to maintain its sovereignty, Sara Flounders, a co-director of the International Action Center, told Press TV on Wednesday.

The US is assisting Saudi Arabia, because America has an alliance with the Saudi kingdom dating from the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, she noted.

Washington’s “determination to use sectarian violence and division” shows how far the US foreign policy could go to destabilize the region and destroy independent countries, she added.

“There is nothing at this point that… the US State Department won’t do to justify… [the Saudi] war and its use of sectarian violence and attacks on civilians,” Flounders said.

Pointing to the US assistance for the Saudi aggression against Yemen, she stated, “Not one Saudi plane could fly without the aid and assistance from fueling to targeting, to satellite reconnaissance, to the GPS coordinate, and without direct Pentagon assistance.”

She also censured the United States for advocating a recent Saudi airstrike that killed more than 140 Yemenis and wounded over 500 other civilians during a funeral service in the Yemeni capital Sana’a.

Flounders also criticized Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for the US presidential election, who called for pushing the Daesh terrorists from Iraq into Syria. The commentator warned that such moves are dangerous, because they could instigate direct confrontation among opposite forces in the region.

On Wednesday, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, warned about plots hatched by the US, Saudi Arabia and the Israeli regime against nations in the Middle East.

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