Iran’s amb. to Moscow meets with Russian Duma deputy

Iran’s Ambassador to Moscow Mehdi Sanaie met with Russian State Duma Deputy Gennady Sklyar on Thursday in Moscow. Mr. Sklyar heads the Parliamentary Friendship Group of Iran and Russia.

The Iranian ambassador told the Russian side that good relations between Iran and Russia in all political, provincial, and regional areas necessitate expansion of ties in other areas like business and trade interactions.

Mr. Sanaie highlighted that vast areas of potential cooperation can be activated by the state Duma and described the Duma’s Parliamentary Friendship Group of Iran and Russia as an important agent for the cause.

The Iranian envoy to Moscow also underlined the recent visit of President Rouhani to Moscow as a sign demonstrating the firm will of the presidents of the two countries for developing bilateral ties.

The Russian legislator, in the meeting, for his part, voiced his eagerness and readiness for development of parliamentary relations between Iran and Russia. He said that the State Duma attaches a significant importance to the relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr. Sklyar asserted that efforts should be concentrated to take advantage of every opportunity to bolster inter-relations between Iran and Russia.


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