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The Grand Day of Mab’ath

Today is the 27th of the sacred month of Rajab, the day on which darkness was dispelled and enlightenment took birth as the prime and pristine call of monotheism that had started with Adam the Father of the human race, once again started to reverberate in a world that had sunk into disbelief, polytheism, atheism, fire-worship, ancestor-worship, oppression, and all other forms of deviations.

This Day in History (05-02-1396)

Today is Tuesday; 5th of the Iranian month of Ordibehesht 1396 solar hijri; corresponding to 27th of the Islamic month of Rajab 1438 lunar hijri; and April 25, 2017, of the Christian Gregorian Calendar.

Let’s Know Islam (141)

Welcome to this week’s episode of the series Let’s Know Islam. In this episode, we continue to discuss the traditions and economic plans and outlooks of the First Infallible Successor to Prophet of Islam, Imam Ali (Peace be upon him). Now, we study some of Imam Ali’s guidelines in relation to production and development.